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Martin Mobberley

Glad you enjoyed the refreshments Jeremy!
Some years ago BAA member Nigel Evans and his wife Alex dropped in on me after a visit to Jodrell Bank. They brought some cans of that beer along with them. I was not aware there was a brewery with my surname attached to it prior to that point! I was well aware of the nearby village though, as I had visited it in 1976 and posed by the signpost. There are not many Mobberley’s in the UK…less than a thousand according to census data, although there are various alternate spelling variants which increases the number and, worldwide, there are many more. The Mobberley name originated in Cheshire from that area. The original location in the Domesday Book, in 1086, was named Motburlege (meeting place in the clearing). Nowadays the vast majority of Mobberleys live in the Midlands, around Birmingham.
Great that there is an astronomy themed pub!