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Andy Wilson

Hi Gordon,
There are no silly questions 🙂
For those who have joined in the past few years, your subscription becomes due on the day of the year you joined. For those who joined many years ago, the annual subscription always ran from 1st August to 31st July the next year.
Reminder emails are sent to every member who has provided an email address, about 95% of members. Those who have not given an email address are sent letters. The reminder emails are sent before the renewal is due, then several after payment was due if the member has not renewed.
Gordon, you can login to SheepCRM to see your renewal date. If you are not logged into the BAA website then click:
Login -> Renew Membership
If you are logged into the BAA website then:
Account -> My membership
You use the same password that you use for the BAA website but you have to login separately to SheepCRM.
I won’t give out specific details on the forum, but Gordon’s subscription is not due for a few months.
Best wishes,
Andy (BAA Systems Manager)

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