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Andy Wilson

Hi Giovanni,
I know from my work with the BAA Office that there have been significant problems with posting the Journal to some European countries since the UK left the EU. I am almost certain that is what has been going on here, as several European members have been in contact with the BAA Office.
I suggest you contact the Office at the below link, or from the contact details on the back page of all the Journals.
They can pass this information onto the Journal printing and mailing company. There may be something they can do. Ultimately, they can send replacement copies if needed, though those too have the risk of getting stuck in the post.
You should have a reply from the Office within a couple of days at most. So here post again if you don’t get a response and I can chase it up.
There is of course the online copy of the Journal, though many of us prefer a hard copy to read.
Best wishes,