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    Has the June Journal been published yet?

    Andy Wilson

    No, the June Journal hasn’t yet been published.
    I am not directly involved with the Journal, though I’ve seen an email about the preparatory work that goes on behind the scenes, that means it should be very soon. The way to tell is the most recent Journal on the homepage is still April. Once it is published the Newsletter will be emailed. This is timed to be close in time to the hard copy arriving with members who subscribe to the paper version.


    Thank you Andy.

    Andy Wilson

    I see the June Journal has now been published, with the Newsletter announcing the Journal sent by Janice McClean this morning. You can see it on the website homepage or access it from the Publications menu, noting you have to be logged in to view the full Journal.
    My hardcopy of the Journal often arrives a few days after it has been published on the website.
    Best wishes,

    David C Rayment

    My copy has just arrived. I live in Essex near Basildon.

    Jeremy Shears

    It has even made it over (through?) the potholes of Cheshire to me.

    Paul G. Abel

    Mine has managed to travel the great cosmological distance to Leicester!

    Dr Paul Leyland

    Mine comes over the interweb thingy, so prompt delivery this time.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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