Another Version

Grant Privett

Daniel Parrott, the US developer of Tycho Tracker, has just released another version of Tycho Tracker. As before, the best way of using it is via GPU – the good news is that it now lets you test the GPU you have installed and tells you if its compatible. If its not the right sort (or capable enough) the CPU option is still there.

A friend had trouble using the GPU version under a Linux Windows emulator (wine?) but now theres a CPU version that problem may not apply. I tried it on 22x 4min Starlight H18 frames of the ecliptic taken with an 11″ RASA and it found 5 asteroids on the frame (and identified them) and in addition a single unknown object down at mag 19 – that looked real to me. It wasnt quick (5.5hrs) but I set Tycho running when I went to bed and looked at the results as I munched my muesli the next morning.

Its fairly straight forward to use and there is a manual. A full licence is $US 25 but you get a month to play with it before having to decide.