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Stewart Moore

Hello James,  There was Handbook No.3 which was produced by Nick Hewitt in 1997.  This was basically an update of Handbook No.1 but with an increased number of targets.  I think the office still has copies for sale.  When I was Director I updated the Messier guide (Handbook No. 2).  This went through a few versions.  The one you show, which I no longer seem to have a copy of, is (I think) the one compiled by Owen Brazell and updated by Nick H in 1995.  I then issued a 3rd edition of it in July 2005 which was essentially the same but with some updates to the text and corrections.  In 2014 I issued a 4th edition which is basically the same as the 3rd edition but with different images on the front cover.  I think the office still has copies for sale.  As far as I’m aware there were no other deep sky handbooks produced