Dominic Ford

Thanks for pointing these issues out, Paul.

* The issue with the page <> should now be fixed.

* Animated GIFs should work fine, though there is sometimes a lengthy processing time after you upload them. This sometimes means they may not appear straight away. Normally this is a few seconds, but in one extreme case (with many frames) I’ve seen a processing time of two minutes.

* I received an error report from the issue you had with the comment editor, and I think this should now be resolved. The problem was caused by your comment being over 256 characters, which should have been fine, but my code couldn’t handle it… 🙂

* There is indeed an issue with some images being erroneously tagged with the wrong objects. This is a feature of the migration process of images from the old system to the new, and should not affect new uploads. Basically, the old system did not tag which objects were in which images, and so I had to populate this information by searching through the metadata associated with images for the names of objects. In most cases this worked very well, but unfortunately “Copernicus” is both the name of a Moon crater and also the star 55-Cancri. Also, images of comet M3 (Atlas) are unfortunately also tagged with Messier 3. At some point, perhaps we’ll find a volunteer who wants to go through and manually correct some of these mis-tagged images…