Fixed… almost…

Dominic Ford

Apologies it took me so long to get onto this.

It’s now fixed…. or at least, considerably improved. The duplicate results are gone, but the result counter may not be entirely accurate.

Among other fixes I rolled out this evening, the plate-solution indicator now appears red (“pending”) when images are still in the queue for the plate solver.

There’s also now a much better interface for searching for images of particular objects, either by type <> or by catalogue reference <>.

Solar system objects can be sorted by current brightness and/or position, but that’s based on orbital elements and absolute magnitudes I hoover up from various online sources, so beware that accuracy is not always guaranteed – especially for comets. Indeed, I have deliberately hidden my magnitude estimates for comets as the BAA Comet Section webpages have much better and more up-to-date information available.