I’m a big fan of Intel NUCs.

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Dominic Ford

I’m a big fan of Intel NUCs. There is a bit of fiddling involved in setting them up, as you usually have to buy the memory and SSD separately, and then install an operating system yourself, though a few pre-built kits are available. The higher spec models are very powerful machines, and they seem pretty robust. The one on my desk is 12-core / 32 GB RAM / 1 TB SSD – not a bad system for £750.

Conversely, if you go down the laptop route but are disappointed by the lack of connectivity, bear in mind that USB-C ports do give you some options. You can buy hubs cheaply that can split a single USB-C port into HDMI, ethernet, and USB ports. Despite being a tiny plug, USB-C is actually a 24-pin connector and so it can deliver roughly four USB-ports-worth of bandwidth. I’m no fan of USB-C, but the performance isn’t *that* bad. 🙂