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Andy Wilson

I’ve been in contact with the BAA Office and they have confirmed there has been a bit of a delay to the Journal this month. They should be arriving with people any day now, noting the BAA Office haven’t yet received their box of copies, to their home addresses as they are of course working from home at present.

Paul & David, I was sorry to hear you had problems with your Journal deliveries. I’ve done a little investigation with the BAA Office to check there is no ongoing problem.

David’s appeared to be some kind of delivery problem. He’s had no changes to his address and his address was in the list sent to the printers in August.

There was a minor problem with Paul’s address that we didn’t spot. Basically an issue around the country not matching a known Royal Mail Zone causing it to fail. We discovered this after the December Journal print run and have implemented some changes to avoid this problem in future. The Office are now able to produce a list of any problem addresses before doing the Journal run, so they can fix them prior to generating the mailing list to the Journal printers. It only affected a handful of members, I think less than 6, who were sent their Journals separately by the Office. We should have spotted and fixed this sooner, so our apologies.

Best wishes

Andy (with my BAA Systems Administrator hat on)