Lunar Occultation of 104 Tau on Oct-28th

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Tim Haymes

Hello Lars,

Thanks for publicizing this occultation. The dark limb reappearance for an observer in Aalborg is 0304h 12s UT and the cusp angle in 29 S.   Someone with some experience in Lunar occultations who is able to use a planetary camera (or team up) would be equipped to record the star appearing. The observer would need a field of view of say 1/3 degree to be sure of including the limb where the star appears. I would suggest a frame rate of 25fps or 30fps. from 0303 to 0305 hrs. If this is successful  then we can do some photometry – i would need a copy of the AVI or SER file. 

There is only one previous recording of the star being occulted (by Brian Loader – NZ) and it was not double, or not time resolved. We seek further recordings. This event  is one of the last few opportunities, then the saros ends in 2019.  If you are Lunar observer (Imager?), perhaps your experience can help others observes to record the occultation.  I am too far South to attempt this.

Good luck and clear skies – Tim (Reading, UK)