Memory isn’t a lot – partial solution

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Tim Haymes

Thanks Dominic, I will contact Novatech who made the laptop which is W7 i3, 4GB and SSD. I have now overcome the initial memory problem.

When I installed the 64bit version of Anaconda3 (2020-11) and HOPS 3.0.1, and use by own FITS files from a QHY174 – which are 4506 K each – HOPS  progresses all the way to a preliminary light curve. The program analysed 1300 FITS files in about 30min, with 65% memory usage and 20% processor power.

The computer falls over when trying to process 32000 K FITS files often used in a Tutorial.  So although the the HOPS 3 Manual says 4GB RAM or more – the relevant word is “More”.   I would say my camera was typical mid-sized 12/16 bit CMOS, and these smaller files are handled OK with the old computer, and ageing operator !