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    Tim Haymes

    I didnt have this problem with the earlier version of HOPS.  I have installed Anaconda3  2020-11 (32bit) on W7, and HOPS 3.0.1 and im using the WASP-12b test files. While processing master calibration files HOPS freezes after 10% with the message: 

    I have a large amount of virtual memory set up following the suggestion in previous Forum post, but only 4GB of RAM.
    I had the same problem with the 64 bit ver of Anaconda (now replaces by the 32bit) – so not the cause?  The error is from  a call to  C:\anaconda\lib\tkinter  version 8.6.9 if this is meaningful. In the message above the number 3 refers to the the number of files being processed.  I had removed some of the raw files to see if this improves things – it did not.

    I note that the raw data files are 32,770 KB each.  Are there any checks i should perform?  I set the PATH as advised, and that is all, and the Windows desktop command starts HOPS as expected.  Im at a loss at this point.

    Addendum: I removed all the calibration files and HOPS continues.  At the alignment stage, we get a memory error from the same program Tkinter. See here: 

    Dominic Ford

    I fear this isn’t the answer you were looking for, but if I were you I’d buy some more RAM.

    Python is notoriously memory hungry, and 4GB isn’t a lot, especially if it’s being shared with other applications. I don’t know why virtual memory isn’t helping, but seemingly it isn’t. It would have been horribly slow anyway. Depending on the age of your computer, an 8GB memory module is likely to cost less than £50. The Crucial website has a system scanner to tell you exactly what parts to buy.

    If you can afford it, a 16GB upgrade might be a safer bet.

    Tim Haymes

    Thanks Dominic, I will contact Novatech who made the laptop which is W7 i3, 4GB and SSD. I have now overcome the initial memory problem.

    When I installed the 64bit version of Anaconda3 (2020-11) and HOPS 3.0.1, and use by own FITS files from a QHY174 – which are 4506 K each – HOPS  progresses all the way to a preliminary light curve. The program analysed 1300 FITS files in about 30min, with 65% memory usage and 20% processor power.

    The computer falls over when trying to process 32000 K FITS files often used in a Tutorial.  So although the the HOPS 3 Manual says 4GB RAM or more – the relevant word is “More”.   I would say my camera was typical mid-sized 12/16 bit CMOS, and these smaller files are handled OK with the old computer, and ageing operator !


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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