No occultation recorded

Forums Asteroids March 9th: Regulus to be occulted briefly ? No occultation recorded

Tim Haymes

Thank you Philip and Alan for your observations. The movement of the path is typical of predictions for higher numbered asteroids.  Sometimes this can favour an observing location.

There have been a number of MISS reports (no occultation) from observers in SE UK and Europe.  Observers who happened to be in or close to the predicted shadow were clouded out this time, and no observation made.  Two observes in England detected small drops in the light curve, and these were attributed to cloud passing, since the time of these obscurations were outside the expected occultation window.  

Thank you to all observers, and i expect there will be more bright star events in the future.

The Asteroids and Remote Planet Section (ARPS) has a group of observers making regular recordings of fainter star predictions. ( Magnitudes in the range  10-14 ).    More than 50 stellar occultations were reported (positive) last year.