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Robin Leadbeater

Another area to look at is the grating holder. I noticed one of mine was much worse than the other. One of the holes in the metal plate that the brass rod ran though was slightly oval and the springs on both of them were rather weak and were probably not taking up all the play in some orientations. I put an extra turn on both of them which improved things. If you have the removable grating type holder, check there is no slack causing the grating to move. (It needs to be just tight enough to clamp the grating but not too tight otherwise you risk distorting the grating which shows up as astigmatism)

I have also heard tell of one case where the mirror came lose (It was stuck with double sided tape in the original kit, not sure if this applies to the factory built versions) Also check that the screws hold the mirror mounting (both the adjusting screw and the pivot) are done up tight too.

Also the position of the neon relative to the slit affects the position of the calibration lines so check it is centred over the slit and comes to the same place each time. 

If  your calibration lines move back and forth as you rotate the doublet check that the lens is seated correctly in its holder. (The original kit had two fibre washers, one either side of the lens. I removed one so the lens seats directly against the metal holder on one side, Similarly I removed the plastic foot from the micrometer so there is direct metal contact which stopped some cyclic movement in the lines as the micrometer was adjusted. 

All this relates to the early kit though and may have been improved in later versions.