Andy Wilson

I must admit to having mixed feelings about the BAA setting up a remote telescope. I’m torn as I think it is a fabulous idea but could easily go horribly wrong unless you have someone experienced in setting up remote observatories running the project. If such a person or even better a group of people could be found then I’d have much more confidence in such an endeavour.

I wonder if a first step would be to partially or fully fund access to existing remote observatories for members. I think this existed in the past but I am unsure how well it was used. If that proved popular or couldn’t provide what members want such as a scientific photometry capability, then look at our own remote setup.

Another thing to consider with a remote setup. It is not just getting it up and running and serviceable onsite. It is also setting up a way for members to access the telescope including time allocation. The existing providers have solved these problems.

Unless anyone has any objections, I propose we move this into a thread on project proposals or remote observing, rather than under the heading of the “AGM Livestream”. I can have a go at sorting a switch early next week.

Best wishes,