Rats Ate My Observatory!

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Grant Privett

I can certainly see a way of doing it with a couple of stepper motors/drives, a Raspberry Pi and after a small amount of dome bodging. The metal bashing is the tough bit. I think I have a plan for that but I may have to do 10 minute adjustments until then, which are not fun in the winter.

I certainly take the point that 11″ would be better. I rather fancied the RASA but the field of view is perhaps a bit big unless what you want is pretty extended nebulae – which isn’t quite me. I don’t know anyone who makes an 11″ f/4-f/5 Newt and a 250mm took too long to reach mag 20 for my taste.

More important is rats attacked the dome last night and tried to gnaw there way in through my lovingly applied mastic… Ho hum.