VV Cep evolution at low resolution

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Hugh Allen

Hi Tony,

That’s a great looking spectrum. Would you upload it to the database? There are not many low resolution spectra on there –  I attach the last one that I uploaded from 5th July. I agree that the most interesting science will come from high resolution spectra but I’m sure there’s a lot to be learnt from our low resolution Alpy spectra. Apart from the general evolution of the intensity of the hydrogen Balmer emission (I estimated the Equivalent Width EW of the H alpha emission from the baseline spectra that I’ve captured over the last year) I think it will be very interesting to see how the spectrum evolves down at the blue end – how visible is the spectrum of the Be star down at those wavelengths, I’ve read contradictory remarks on that. Anyway, it was great to see your result, let’s hope we get some clear skies soon!