Winchester Weekend

Martin Mobberley

At the 1975 Winchester Weekend the evening skies were clear and there were queues of people waiting to look through telescopes. There was even a short queue for my 60mm Dixons Prinz refractor! The longest queues were for a long 4-inch refractor on an EQ mount, brought along on someone’s roof rack, Henry Hatfield’s 3.5-inch Questar, and the college’s 10-inch AE Newtonian inside a dome. All these instruments were pointed at the same object…Saturn. I attach the ‘Sky Notes’ sheet stapled to my 1975 WW agenda. Also, some time ago a BAA member, Pete Shimmon, sent me (via his brother) 4 pics he had taken at King Alfred’s College during WWs in the 1970s. I recognise Henry Hatfield and Howard Miles but am not sure about anyone else. Two of the pics were taken in the canteen…. All the pics are attached.