Xanthippe success

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Tim Haymes

I didnt have much trouble finding the star with WAT-910HX and 30cm.  I did a goto to a nearby bright star, focused, synced and then offset to Xanthippe and there it was !  Just where skymap plotted it. This was about 45 min before hand as i didnt want to risk having a problem and no time to sort it. I did a dummy recording and was OK.  The asteroid was detected  at mag 13.5.  (star at 11.9). The asteroid moved closer and then “star gone”. The video recorded a duration of 5.70 seconds at 25fps in good conditions.  Some observed chords are now on EURASTER.NET 

Sorry some of you had some bad luck with technical issues. It was a clear night here, but seeing stability was abysmal. The ARPS section has received over 12 observations.