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    Posted by D A Dunn at 09:51 on 2013 Feb 16

    Here is a quick "video" sequence of the asteroid 2012 DA14. Taken from Normandy with a Nikon D80 50 mm lens with 15 sec exposures.David


    Posted by D A Dunn at 09:52 on 2013 Feb 16

    Doesn’t want to load the .wmf file.


    Posted by Callum Potter at 12:49 on 2013 Feb 16

    Hello David,not sure what file formats you can upload, but jpg certainly works. Also has to be less than 800 pixels in both axes and 150kb in file size.Callum


    Posted by D A Dunn at 15:07 on 2013 Feb 16

    Callum,Sorry I wasn’t aware of the limitations. Here are a shot taken last night before the clouds rolled in. This is a raw shot. I have 13 of them which makes a nice mini video. It would be interesting to know if the parallax is measurable between shots taken here in Normandy and shots taken from the UK. I guess one could calculated the distance to the asteroid from the parallax angle. All the bestDavid


    Posted by Callum Potter at 21:55 on 2013 Feb 18

    Hi David,sorry, if you could email me the picture I will make sure it appears.Callum


    Posted by Bill Ward at 10:54 on 2013 Feb 20

    Hi All,Here’s a time lapse I made of 2012DA14.http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=tLIrHYOLuUQUnfortunately the Youtube compression has "softened" the images, especially at the start when some cirrus cloud crossed the field of view.Cheers,Bill.


    Posted by Dave Adshead at 18:09 on 2013 Feb 20

    Bill,That’s a good piece of time lapse.RegardsDave


    Posted by Nick Atkinson at 19:50 on 2013 Feb 28

    Hoping for clear skies but only to be disappointed I pointed my telescope at a predicted point on the trajectory.This has left me thinking about the ability of planetarium software to be able to do positional calculations rather than simply showing the trail. I use Carte Du Ceil and connect this to my mount allowing tracking on 500 minor planets. I notice that Stary Night Pro 6 can show the trajectory of 2012 DA 14 but cannot predict positions. Do you think there any of the sky charts out there that can do this?


    Posted by Richard Miles at 23:32 on 2013 Feb 28

    Nick,Very close-approaching asteroids are accelerated / gravity slingshot by the mass of the Earth and no ordinary planetary programme can deal with this without a dedicated fix for each object in question. You need to use precise obtain your local topocentric RA and Dec coordinates from websites such as can be found at:Minor Planet Center ephemeris serviceJPL HORIZONS Web-InterfaceNEODyS-2Bill,Have put in a couple of links to your YouTube video on the ARPS webpages. Let me have some details about your location/telescope/ camera used – nice animation I must say. Thanks.Richard Miles

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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