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    Ken Kennedy

    Just got round to looking at some facts for 2020 in the Handbook and was planning lunar observations for the start of the year.  I checked the phases of the Moon on page 27 and then had a look at the Virtual Moon Atlas app and found that the phases did not coincide.  I then looked at the phases as given in the 2019 handbook and find that this data is exactly the same as that which is given in the 2020 handbook.  I presume this is a general error and not limited to my particular copy.  Anyone else noticed this?

    David Swan

    You are quite right. Had not looked at that section until your prompting. Oops. Ah – this had been noticed after printing. You can download the one page PDF with the corrections from this website. Click on the publications tab.

    Andy Wilson

    Well spotted Ken. This error was pointed out in the early November eNewsletter.

    A replacement page is available in the Handbook area of the website, and the online Handbook has the correct phases.


    Best wishes,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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