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    Andy Wilson

    As the latest Journal with the paper ballot papers is arriving with members, we thought we would let everyone know we are still running the online ballot. The voting emails are scheduled to be sent by CIVICA this Monday 9th August.

    Members are welcome to vote using the paper forms, though we encourage members to vote digitally where they are able to. Feedback from previous years has been very positive about the online voting system. It has the added advantage that it checks your selections to ensure you have not made an invalid choice, such as voting for too many Trustees. Voting online also saves work for the Office staff as they have less paper ballot papers to count. That said please vote whichever way you prefer, we are eager for as many members as possible to vote.

    Votes cast using the paper form in the Journal or via online will be count equally, though you may only vote once. Where a member votes both online and by posting the paper form, then the online vote will be counted and the paper ballot will not be counted.

    Andy Wilson

    BAA Systems Administrator

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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