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    Following the post by Denis Buczynski, I can add that I will be giving a lecture in the Knight’s Chamber at Peterborough Cathedral about the life and work of George on October 23. The lecture will begin after Evensong, with the time still to be fixed. I have supplied the Cathedral staff with a lot of display material about George’s life, and this will be used. Some members will recall that the BAA commissioned a wall plaque for the cathedral to celebrate George’s life, shortly after his death. The Education department staff contacted me several months ago about this, as they wanted to have a local astronomer to tie-in with the exhibition of Tim Peake’s space capsule which is going to be displayed (complete with hanging parachute and VR descent experience) in the cathedral from sometime in August till November.

    I will post more details when I have them.

    Neil Morrison

    Tim Peak’s Capsule is on display at Peterborough Cathedral  from  11th  August until Monday 5th November. Full details of the event surrounding the  Exhibition  is on  Peterborough Cathedrals web site.


    The Moment magazine now carries a short interview with me about George. The magazine now gives details of the lecture, which I have added below:

    Peterborough’s Astronomer
    Tues 23 Oct, 7.30-9pm
    Peterborough Cathedral Visitor Centre
    Tickets: £5
    To book: 01733 355315, http://www.peterborough-cathedral.org.uk/events
    George Alcock was a prolific Peterborough-based amateur astronomer, commemorated by a memorial tablet in Peterborough Cathedral. Join Dr Richard McKim – a member of the British Astronomical Association – for an illustrated talk about Alcock’s life and work.

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