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    Martin Lewis


    I added an animated gif to my members page but it doesn’t show as an animated version- its just static. Is there a problem or can the website not show animated gifs?



    David Swan

    Hello everyone. I would like to second Martin Lewis’ question / request for this functionality. If it isn’t too much trouble – I don’t know what would be required ‘under the hood’ of the website. David

    Dr Andrew Smith

    Personally I hate them unless they add real information. They just distract the eye.

    Regards Andrew

    Dominic Ford

    I’m afraid we currently don’t support animated GIFs. I think if you try to upload one, you will only see the first frame of the animation.

    Technically, this restriction is imposed by the Drupal content management system we use. Its image processing modules don’t support animated GIFs.

    From memory, with a bit of hackery we could work around those restrictions. I understand that for applications like showing transient objects like variable stars, and the rotation of planets, they’re really useful. However last time this was discussed it became apparent that animated GIFs are quite polarising and a number of people really don’t like them.

    So, as things stand we don’t support this, but we are aware of the feature request.

    Martin Lewis

    Thanks Dominic,

    The animation I wanted to upload was showing the small shift in position of a bright spot on Neptune over a 25min period and a side by side comparison just doesn’t compare in functionality to a gif animation.

    Still if you don’t have the functionality you don’t have it.

    Thanks for the prompt reply anyway,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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