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    Tony Rodda

    If so, are you using ISIS or BASS?

    Can you post a typical .fits submission?

    I’d like to check my method and results from recent Be observations before attempting a registration /submission for the first time.



    Robin Leadbeater

    Hi Tony,

    I have only a couple in BeSS (I also have a few BeSS candidate spectra but those stars are not in BeSS yet)

    They are also in the BAA database so you can pick them up there. Note that the V361 Per spectrum there is as I submitted it to BeSS but the BD+55521 is the version outputted by BeSS so has extra fields in the header which BeSS adds.

    They are both very noisy but my excuse is they are high resolution spectra at mag 10 so a bit of a challenge.



    Andy Wilson

    Hi Tony,

    I’ve submitted a few observations to BeSS.

    The good news is that the file format is identical to the BAA Spectroscopy Database format. They in fact came up with the format, and we used it as it makes sense to have one format across the different databases.

    You can download spectra from the BeSS website, and on the registration screen there is a tool you can use to check your file.

    The administrators are very friendly and knowledgeable, but note they can sometimes take a few weeks to respond.



    Tony Rodda

    Thanks Robin, I’ll check those out.  

    I’ve already downloaded BeSS spectra in an attempt to check my own obs of several BeSS stars but I wasn’t sure as to whether BeSS altered the format on submission.  I’ve since read the BeSS published papers to check fits format etc. and I’m much happier.

    I suppose I just wanted the comfort of confirmation from people I know who’ve done it.

    I posted my first four Be spectra on this forum earlier & to the BAA database.  Thanks for confirming cross compatibility Andy.  That had escaped me.  I think I’ll bite the bullet and use one to submit to BeSS and see what happens.

    I’m keen to get the BAA its money’s worth!  But hasn’t the weather been appalling!!!!



Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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