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    Robin Leadbeater

    An interesting article by Christopher Taylor on observing the Apollo 8 booster from the UK 50 years ago



    Nick James

    Robin, That’s a wonderful description of a very rare observation made by Chris from somewhere called Chelmsford. This is the JBAA report referenced in the S&T article.

    Grant Privett

    It says Henry Hatfield contributed observations. Would this be to the defunct BAA Section associated with artificial satellites, do you think?

    Eric Watkins

    though I did not see the Apollo 8 event I do vividly recall seeing the Apollo 12 event from a bedroom window..  This had been a predicted naked eye event.  I dare say many others saw it also.

    Incidentally,  the same window from which I had my first telescopic view of the plant Mercury


    Mr Jack Martin

    I was one of the first outsiders to see Moon rock and dust samples in Nov 1969 bought back by Apollo 11, at Queen Mary University of London Chemistry department, who were given small samples for analysis.


    Essex UK

    Robin Leadbeater

    I remember that too, though I think I saw it in the physics department.  (I was a physics undergrad there at the time)

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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