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    David Swan


    This comet is turning out quite nice. Transparency was excellent last night, and whilst imaging it was – no exaggeration – fantastic just to observe the constellations with the naked eye, starting at UMa, then Leo and continue hopping west (Gemini with Canis Minor below) etc through all the major constellations visible in the evening this time of year.

    I looked for C/2018 Y1 with my 10 x 50 bins and – as with Wirtanen – I was successful after star hopping with SkySafari by my side (lowest screen brightness + red light mode!).

    Averted vision revealed a diffuse cloud of brightness at the predicted position, but little else could be discerned with binos. How are the dedicated visual observers getting on with this one?


    Peter Carson

    Yes, C/2018Y1 has turned out well, even better that it was discovered by an amateur. I’ve been imaging this one since its discovery. It’s now got too large for the 36’ x 27’ field of view of my 315mm reflector so it’s about time I turned to my 200mm lens and DSLR as I did with 46P.

    I could see C/2018Y1 in my 7×50 bino’s two nights ago even with all the light pollution. Here’s my image from the that night. 

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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