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    Paul G. Abel

    Hi all!

    I have received the following report from Section member Manos Kardasis- it seems that the remarkable wave phenomenon (also known as the cloud discontinuity) has been observed once more! Richard McKim, Manos Kardasis and myself wrote a report about this in the Journal (August 2020, Vol. 130, No. 4).

    The phenomenon can only be observed in infra red, so I would urge all observers who are able to image Venus in IR to do so at once so that we may obtain more images of the cloud discontinuity. I am grateful to Manos for alerting us to the return of this unusual phenomenon. Please send your observations to me as soon as is convenient!

    Here is the report from Manos:

    Venus Observation Alert!

    The newly discovered Cloud Discontinuity (CD) phenomenon is observed again during the last weeks by amateur astronomers A.Cidadao,Luigi Morrone and Clyde Foster. A clear manifestation of a CD with typical properties and large scale visual similarities with past events, was captured 5 times during May 2022 (5-10-15-20-25)

    We expect the next observation of the CD on 30/5 and every ~5 days after it. It will be very interesting to see when it will dissipate so observations with IR filters are required. It is very important though to observe every day possible to cover the global situation of the middle clouds. Imaging in UV may be useful too to confirm whether this wave dissipates before arriving at the top of the clouds.

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