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    Peter Anderson

    I draw attention to the quality of images displayed in the Members’ section of the BAA website. Images up to 2 megabytes are accepted.  A few days ago I posted some of my results from the 26th May total lunar eclipse. Not only are the images well displayed (as always), but they can be accessed and saved at the full size that they were posted and this has a 2 meg limit.  Consequently if it is desired to examine an image in some detail, a person is not limited to a mere screen size or smaller image of a hundred or two kilobytes. Simply save the image for detailed examination and later referral.

    On a whim, after I had posted the images, I accessed the website and then saved a couple as a test. These were identical in dimensions and size to that posted. As an oldie, I am still coming to terms with developments – from Australia to England digitally and then back in an instant – no wonder snail mail has gone out of vogue, and seems to be in a ‘reduction of services and increase in price death spiral’.

    Because I am not fussy about non-commercial copyright – (attribution would be nice), I have absolutely no problem with such access to these images, subject of course to the terms and conditions of the website.

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