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    Bill Barton
    I’ve received an email from eventbright relating to relaxed Covid testing and the BAA AGM and it’s left me confused!

    I’ve tried clicking on the link, but the webpage reports that it can’t be found?

    Also the ‘collect code’ refers to obtaining lateral flow test-kits from street corner pharmacies, so can’t particularly see why it’s needed?

    Andy Wilson

    Hi Bill,

    The BAA Office forwarded me your email and I replied this afternoon. This was a typo introduced when I created the email in EventBrite. It tried to automatically work out the link and unfortunately it added “.)” from the end of the sentence corrupting the link. Apologies I didn’t spot this in my checks of the email before sending. The correct link is:

    The IOP updated their guidance and requirements for the AGM after we had advertised it, so it seemed prudent to email attendees with the updated information. They have relaxed their original requirements to be more inline with other public buildings, for example COVID passes are no longer required.

    These are the free lateral flow tests you can get from your local pharmacy, though now you have to provide a code. This link allows you to get a code. This is what I have to do when I go to university. I am required to take these tests twice a week when I visit campus regardless of vaccination status. Note the IOP are not requiring these tests, simply encouraging their use.

    As venues get back to in-person events they are all faced with tricky decisions about where to draw the line. The virus has not gone away and so they are doing their best to tread a line between doing nothing and risking spread at their venue, or doing so much that it discourages anyone from attending. The IOP allow the BAA to use their venue and provide their staff on a Saturday all for free.

    Best wishes,


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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