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    Kevin Toogood

    Hi all,

    I’m sure this is a daft question, but I’ve just joined the BAA (long time observer, first time member) and I see a lot of mention in the paperwork about “joining” different observing sections. I’ve got particular interest in solar (both radio and visual imaging in H-alpha) as well as comets, and deep sky imaging (just starting with that really). So what’s the process for “joining” a section? Is it just a case of emailing the section director?



    Callum Potter

    Hi Kevin,

    Welcome to the BAA!

    yes – just contact the section directors of the sections you are interested – you can use the contact forms on the website, or the email addresses in the back of the Journal. 

    You will be most welcome to the Deep Sky Section!

    Cheers, Callum

    Kevin Toogood

    many thanks Callum!

    Lyn Smith

    Hi Kevin

    Welcome to the BAA and to the BAA Solar Section.  Just drop me an email to solar@britastro.org so I have your email address and I can send you any information you require and H-alpha report forms.  I would welcome your H-alpha observations.  What instrument(s) are you using?

    Kevin Toogood

    Many thanks Lyn,

    I will do that. I’m using a Coronado PST- my usual “workflow” is to make some visual observations first then attach a QHY 5-II and take a few full-disk images for later reference.

    Lyn Smith

    That’s great that you are also imaging in H-alpha and I look forward to receiving your work.  Please send each image as it is processed rather than all at the end of the month.  Please save in jpeg format and keep each file to under 1 Mb in size.  When you save the file name can you please include your initials, the date and time UT that the image was taken for example kt_20170202_1511   This helps to identify your work in the Section archive.  Thanks!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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