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    David Basey

    A special mention for our local Parish Council (Dickleburgh & Rushall).

    They have just produced a comprehensive neighbourhood plan, while this is primarily about housing development the issue of light pollution is significantly addressed.

    It is good to see the aspiration of achieving some form of IDA Dark Sky status. Also pleasing to note the commitment to low power LED lighting avoiding the blue end of the spectrum.

    It would seem the message is getting through! Hopefully this is how things are being approached nationally and not just in this corner of South Norfolk.

    For anybody interested the Dark Sky Environment policy is here and the Management Plan here.

    Grant Privett

    Our local sports field expressed a desire to be dark sky / wildlife friendly when they replaced their halogen tennis court lights. Unfortunately, the difference in quote for less blue lights made them unaffordable for a small sports club/charity. At least they tried.

    However, it looks like the fitters are not aware of the idea of light spill and the field next door is illuminated directly over 400m away… Bizarre.

    Richard Miles

    All the talk of saving the environment and that’s what it usually seems to be just talk.
    People action’s tend to obey some other law, by which they see little if any obligation to change what they do themselves that may have a bearing on societal aspirations. Or in many cases people know not what they do!

    Are young people in schools made aware of this issue by their teachers, I wonder?
    I’ve seen this:

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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