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    Dominic Ford

    A few people have posted queries and comments in this forum about Demetra over the past few days.

    As you may know, this software is still in beta testing and is not generally available. Indeed, we haven’t been sure whether to allow public discussion in this forum, since the developers have only circulated it to a small number of people for testing purposes. For this reason, we took the decision earlier this week to temporarily remove Tony Rodda’s post.

    We have contacted the developers, and haven’t received any explicit instructions that we shouldn’t allow public discussion of this, though I gather they would prefer feedback to be directed to them rather than discussed publicly.

    So, for now Tony’s post has been restored and we’re going to let this discussion run. If we receive any further correspondence from the developers, we may review the situation again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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