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    Steve Cuthbert

    Hi guys

    I`ve just come across this section while browsing the BAA homepage. I must have been asleep and missed its introduction so apologies for that. How long has it been operating guys?. I thought spectro might become a sub section but does it now merit its own section?.



    David Boyd

    Hi Steve,

    This is not a BAA Observing Section in the normal sense as these are oriented towards the observation of particular objects or classes of objects. Rather it is an observing technique in the same way that photometry is a technique which can be used to observe any object. So I don’t see it being a BAA Section in its own right but rather we are trying to encourage its use in any of the Observing Sections where it can be practically useful.

    There will be an announcement in the April Journal of an initiative to help members who are interested in getting into spectroscopy.


    Andy Wilson

    Hi Steve,

    This is just an area of the BAA forum where members can post spectroscopy results, ask questions, or just make any general posts related to spectroscopy. This will make it easy to find interesting and useful spectroscopy forum posts in future.

    Note this does not mean that all spectroscopy content has to be posted here, as there may be some topics that members wish to post to other relevant forum areas.



Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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