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    Roger Dymock

    A meeting will be held on 2022 November 12 to introduce a new project – EXPLORE – EXoPLanet Out-of-transit REsearch. The objectives of this project will be to search for additional objects in known exoplanet systems.

    The agenda is yet to be finalised but will appear in the October Journal of the British Astronomical Association together with a ‘Notes and News’ item with further explanation of the project.

    Probable/Possible meeting topics;
    – Introduction to the Exoplanet Division
    – Relevant Open University courses
    – ARIEL/ExoClock update
    – EXPLORE project
    – overview and objectives
    – targets and imaging guidelines
    – Simulation/modelling
    – Software e.g HOPS, AStroImageJ
    – Professional research with which amateurs might contribute
    – Discussion

    Comments, ideas, volunteers for topics most welcome.

    Roger Dymock

    The provisional agenda for the meeting is now available at https://britastro.org/event/exoplanet-workshop-2022

    If you have any comments or questions before the meeting please submit them here


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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