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    This is a final call for Mars observations of the 2020 opposition. There have been a few Interim reports in the Journal, and another will appear in the next issue. Now I am busy with finishing the final report. I have received a great deal of observational work from members, but it would be nice to give credit to all those others who, although posting images upon their individual member pages, have not (perhaps owing to false modesty) sent them to the Director. All observations are welcome, and sometimes an apparently less detailed one can, through luck with its timing, fill a critical gap in the record. Please find my contact details at the back of the Journal, and please state telescope, camera (if applicable) and your location when sending work to me. All contributions will be acknowledged by email. The final Section report ought to be completed and submitted to Council at the end of August, prior to the planet’s conjunction with the Sun.


    Richard McKim, Director


    I forgot to add that in a few days’ time Mars is going to be close to Venus in the evening sky, so that will facilitate locating it. The Handbook mentions the date when they are closest.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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