Fireball over Southern England 2016/03/17 @ 03:16:54 UT

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    Steve Bosley

    Several reports on Facebook and in the press together with considerable chatter on the UKMON and NEMETODE meteor networks

    First reported by Peter Campbell-Burns (Church Crookham) who obviously gets up earlier than I do, it was also captured by Richard Fleet (Wilcot) and others. It was almost certainly a sporadic  with magnitudes reported to be as high as -14 for the explosion .. analysis is ongoing.

    The following link is to the video captured on the NW facing camera at Clanfield Observatory in south Hampshire.

    Nick James


    I got it too (just) on my NW cam in Chelmsford. The video  is here.


    David Strange

    The NLO caught it on both their North and East facing cameras:



    Steve Bosley

    Only later did we look at our Radio detection system (after Michael O’Connell of Basingstoke reported that he had captured something)….Our trace is here

    I am still trying to understand how to interpret these traces, but even to my eye what is clear is there was a very rapid increase in frequency as the meteoroid hit the atmosphere. The frequency suddenly broadened into a 50Hz bandspread, peaking briefly (at the explosion?) at more than 150 Hz. The 50 hz band persisted for a further 5 seconds or so, before the trace ends with two to three seconds of ‘top notes’. In total, the event lasted around 10 seconds. I’m sure there are experts out there who can explain what all that means !

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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