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    Duncan Hale-Sutton

    I happened to be awake early this morning and Corona Borealis was well placed so I thought I would try and get an upper limit to the brightness of T CrB using bins. All was successful except I couldn’t load my entry into the database. I have attached the error which I can’t understand. The faintest star I could see on chart 025.04 was star P at magnitude 8.4 so T must have been fainter than this. My entry was

    T CrB 26-Dec-2023 06 32 26.272 20304.772 [P 8.4 2 25.04 1 “M, T”

    Any help would be appreciated. Duncan.

    Gary Poyner

    Hi Duncan,

    Was this a manual entry or upload? It is a bit strange.

    For the magnitude, did you enter 8.4 or [8.4?


    Andy Wilson

    Hi Duncan,
    As Gary has alluded to, you need the fainter symbol in front of both the light estimate and the magnitude, so [P and [8.4.
    With normal magnitude estimates an “=” is assumed, so just 8.4 means equals 8.4.
    This is all to do with the way the database verifies the data, and can recalculate magnitudes when a sequence is updated.
    Best wishes,

    Duncan Hale-Sutton

    Great, thank you both. That makes sense. I will make the adjustment and resubmit. Duncan.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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