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    Dr Paul Leyland

    I have just come across a fascinating paper on the ArXiV:

    An asteroid has been discovered the orbit of which lies entirely within that of Venus. As expected, it might be a tricky object to image but it is not obviously impossible for those of us with fair sized telescopes and near-infrared filters such as Cousins I or Sloan i’ or z’

    It appears to be between 16th and 18th magnitude and for a date picked at random, 30-09-2022, this is a snippet of the MPC ephemeris:

    Date UT R.A. (J2000) Decl. Delta r El. Ph. V Sky Motion Object Sun Moon
    h m s “/hr “/hr Azi. Alt. Alt. Phase Dist. Alt.

    2022 09 30 190000 14 23 13.4 -23 43 03 0.877 0.577 35.0 84.3 17.7 +186.91 -62.31 055 +12 -01 0.26 028 +30

    Doubtless it is better placed at different times of the year but I would be likely to give it a go if I were in La Palma. I already know that 12th magnitude stars are readily imaged in a couple of seconds in Sloan i’ at a solar altitude of -1 degrees because one appears in my members album, so a very few of minutes should be sufficient for mag 17.

    Any takers?

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