Light pollution: Huge fall in stars that can be seen with naked eye

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    Bill Barton

    Latest research on light pollution.

    Daryl Dobbs

    Interesting article which paints a different picture to the CPRE Star Count, I tend to believe the BBC article as being more rational.

    Robin Leadbeater

    Currently reading my Christmas present “The Darkness Manifesto” by Swedish Biologist Johan Eklof. Light pollution is having serious affects on the natural world (including humans) which reach well beyond us not being able to see the stars.

    Antonello Gaviano

    Totally agree.
    I grew up in the mountains of Sardinia and I remember seeing the Milky Way right from my house.
    For the same view, today, you have to travel km and km.


    Location: Eching, Bavaria, Germany.
    Interests: Moon, planets, deep sky, comets, minor planets, astrophotography, archeoastonomy.
    Bio: Italian amateur astronomer, living in Eching, Bavaria, Germany.
    Observing sites: Bortle 3 (Bavarian Alps) and Bortle 5 (Eching, Bavaria, Germany).
    Telescope: Celestron AVX C9.25
    Binoculars: APM 40x110 ED | Ibis 20x80 ED | Nikon Aculon 10x50

    Alan Thomas

    Pretty depressing stuff, the more so because efforts to reduce light pollution appear to be failing . . .

    Dr Paul Leyland

    A slightly more positive view from down south. Two weeks ago I flew to La Palma via Gran Canaria. The final leg was at night and passe the north side of Tenerife.

    The two big islands looked much the same as anywhere else in the overdeveloped world with a similar population density.

    La Palma from the air was very different. The Santa Cruz, the capital, was visible from the air but very, very much less intrusive than the towns and roads of Gran Canaria and Tenerife.

    Yet Santa Cruz de la Palma is just as well lit at ground level at night as is Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

    Light pollution is entirely a legal and political problem, not a safety nor an engineering problem.


    I cannot remember if I have already posted this image. Certainly, my location is the worst for observing the sky. Such trouble I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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