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    A regional dust storm which began on November 11 in southern Chryse/Valles Marineris is now observable in the early evening from the UK. I was able to see it last night at around 17.00 UT, though it was right upon the evening limb. The storm expanded to the south over Mare Erythraeum, and fresh dust cores have formed in Chryse, but as of yesterday the bright dust clouds stretching along Valles Marineris had faded somewhat.

    All observations are welcome. Please send them to me. If members just post them on their own pages I will not see them!

    Richard McKim, Director, Mars Section


    The area is now visible from Great Britain in the early evening, and has grown into a significant Regional event. Being late in the season it should not reach encircling status, as no storm occurring after Ls 311 has done so.


    Dust now reached southern Hellespontus on the eastern side, and may start to become visible from the longitude of the USA if it spreads further east. Meanwhile UK and European observers are getting good views of the western side which reaches as far west as about Aonius Sinus, but you do need to observe early to see it near the CM: I had a good view around 17.30UT yesterday. From the longitudes of Japan and Australia the central part of the storm is well-placed. I am inclined to think it will not spread any further…… but it is an impressive sight.

    Good observing!

    Martin Lewis

    Image taken at 20.22UT last night in difficult conditions with Jetstream troublesome, shows Solis Lacus at the limb with significant dust above it.  See;

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