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    Mark Radice

    Great fun watching the Mars Perseverance lander in real time while observing Mars in real time. On the monitor is NASA TV, on the laptop is Mars through the C11 telescope and a processed image.

    Wonderful to know that somewhere in these pixels are several orbiters from several nations with rovers (and soon a helicopter) exploring the surface.

    Looking closely at the image, at centre stage is Sinus Sabeaus – the Opportunity rover’s playground.

    Perseverance’s landing site on Syrtis Major and Jezero crater (with evidence of flowing water) are over the limb on the right hand side.  Hence, NASA were using the Mars orbiters as a radio relay to bring the telemetry back to Earth.

    With some careful averted imagination, you can see the probe under its parachutes and the glint from the heatshield 🙂


    Alan Thomas

    Yes, Mark, it was great to watch, very exciting and a brilliant achievement. Good to see how NASA involves the youngsters in their work – one of them spoke more sense than I have heard in a while.

    Switching on my averted imagination now!


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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