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    Dominic Ford

    A while ago, you may recall I was developing a Raspberry-Pi-based software platform for meteor cameras, called MeteorPi.

    It’s been dormant over the past couple of years, partly because I moved to Sweden, and partly because the educational side of the project at my local science centre finished.

    I’m keen to get it up and running again when I return to the UK in the spring. In practice, I envisage starting a new project called “Pi Gazing”, based on the open-source code I wrote, since the MeteorPi name was owned by the science centre.

    I’m going to have a build a new camera from scratch, as the cameras I used previously were all owned by the science centre, and had to be handed back when the project finished.

    Is everyone in the BAA meteor camera community still using Watec 902H2 Ultimate cameras? I thought I should check before splashing out, only to find there’s a newer a better model nowadays… 🙂

    Nick James

    Yes, I’m using two 902H2s and I think the majority of other observers are using these cameras too. The 910HX is probably the best SD camera around at the moment but they are rather expensive.

    Jeremy Shears

    Hello Dominic,

    I use a Watec 902H2 Ultimate on one meteor cams and a standard 902H2 on the other. The latter is an older model and they can be picked up quite cheaply on ebay etc. The difficult part these days is to find suitable lenses.


    David Dunn

    Dominic, Have a look on the Nemetode group website. There is s list of who’s who and equipment being used.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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