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    Daryl Dobbs

    Apparently there is a new sunspot from cycle 25 appearing on the south east limb, rain and thick cloud in South Wales, typical after weeks of nice weather and a blank disc.


    It looks to be about 30 degrees in latitude. 

    “Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams.”

    John Cook

    Likewise, I am also clouded out here in the midlands, so looking forward to a clear spell perhaps in the morning.

    Lyn Smith

    Should be designated AR2765 in due course. This is the largest sunspot of Cycle 25 to date. Let us hope this will herald our rise out of solar minimum. I’m unfortunately clouded out too. Hopefully it will last long enough for good observing weather to reappear! 
    Update: AR2765 located S24/115

    Paul Radford

    I managed to get a snap on Friday in between the clouds, buffetting wind and my neighbours bonfire. Seeing wasn’t particularly good either.

    Daryl Dobbs

    Cloudy here alas, every time I get chance to take a look the clouds roll in

    Alan Thomas

    Had a look during a brief break in the cloud using a very primitive little refractor and a sun funnel for projection. But I could not detect the spot. May try again tomorrow with some better gear  . . .

    Daryl Dobbs

    Nice group I spotted it early this morning doing a dry run for the occultation of Venus by the Moon next week.  I used a Skywatcher 90mm Evostar refractor with a Lacerta Herschel wedge on a EQ5 mount with a Synscan upgrade.

    Grey and overcast in South Wales now

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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