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    John O’Neill


    When I try to renew my subscription to the BAA, instead of the paypal button I get:

    Error: Could not connect to PayPal.array(9) { [“TIMESTAMP”]=> string(20) “2018-08-27T19:08:04Z” [“CORRELATIONID”]=> string(13) “ee4b298480d7c” [“ACK”]=> string(7) “Failure” [“VERSION”]=> string(4) “74.0” [“BUILD”]=> string(8) “48666477” [“L_ERRORCODE0”]=> string(5) “10525” [“L_SHORTMESSAGE0”]=> string(12) “Invalid Data” [“L_LONGMESSAGE0”]=> string(71) “This transaction cannot be processed. The amount to be charged is zero.” [“L_SEVERITYCODE0”]=> string(5) “Error” }

    It also says my cost of renewing is GBP 0.00. And it even says

    “You have been a BAA member since 1st January 1970”, which is not true.

    I am logged in when I got this.


    Andy Wilson

    Hi John,

    First of all my apologies that you are experiencing problems with your renewal.

    That is clearly not right. I am just starting some testing to try to identify the problem but please bear with me as I will only have intermittent access to the BAA systems for the next couple of days.

    I can see one thing that might explain it to do with joint membership and a shared email address. The system should be able to cope with this, but I suspect it does not. I will email you about this separately so we can try out a few things without posting every detail on the forum.

    Kind regards,

    Andy Wilson

    BAA Systems Administrator and Web Content Editor

    Andy Wilson

    Hi John (and anyone else who is following this thread).

    We have identified the problem. It was related to family membership where the first person to join the BAA is not the person who currently pays the subscription. We will be requesting a change to our systems to cope with this scenario. In the interim we can get around it for any affected members. I will be running a check later in the week to see if there are any other members who may be affected.

    Kind regards,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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