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    We are having our Autumn Conference in Birmingham tomorrow (28th October), open to SHA members and non-members. The programme can be found here though has changed slightly:

    Talks include:

    ·       Roger Salt – “The Antikythera Mechanism”

    ·       Eddie Carpenter – “An Astronomical Slide Show – lantern slides”

    ·       Dr Lee Macdonald – ”From Cracked Mirror to Nobel Prize: Fifty years of the Issac Newton Telescope”

    ·       Professor Donald Kurtz – “It’s About Time”

    ·       Dr Allan Chapman – “The Civil Servant and the Sunbeam, Sir Joseph Norman Lockyer, pioneer of solar physics’.

    Should be an educational day. I’ve just been setting stuff up and putting out a vast number of books to sell. If you are turning up on the day, the first talk by Roger Salt is now starting at 10:45am. Even if you are not coming tomorrow to the Birmingham and Midland Institute, hopefully you’ll be coming to the BAA Historical Section Meeting here on the 25th November 2017 (


    Society for the History of Astronomy Librarian

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