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    Nick Quinn

    Has anybody managed to renew their S&T subscription recently?

    I have received several renewal letters in the post with the URL That doesn’t work and the main subscription web page is set up for new subscriptions only, there is no way for current subscribers to renew. I have emailed customer service a couple of times but received no reply.

    I have found this page: but it doesn’t accept UK formatted ‘zip’ codes!

    I am considering posting my payment to them but even that seems to be inconsistent as the renewal letter has an address in Boone, Idaho whereas the enclosed envelope is printed with Palm Coast, Florida.

    Nick Quinn

    Daryl Dobbs

    According to the TESS database for the US Trademark and Patent Office the registered address for the Sky & Telescope trademark is: AAS SKY PUBLISHING, LLC LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY D.C. 1667 K ST, NW, SUITE 800 WASHINGTON D.C. 20006

    The American Astronomical Society who owns the IP rights have just renewed the S&T trademarks they own. You could try contacting S&T through their owners the AAS;

    Contact Us | American Astronomical Society (

    Callum Potter

    Hi Nick,

    I had an email from S&T a few weeks back concerning their new fulfilment partner (i guess they mean the people that send out the magazine).

    I’ll paste their message below – hope this helps…



    We listen to you! Due to customer service issues with Sky & Telescope magazine, we started to look for a new magazine fulfillment partner in April 2021. After reviewing proposals and meeting with vendors, we are very excited to announce that we have selected Omeda as our new fulfillment partner.
    We are currently in the final phase of our transition to Omeda. Starting with the December 2021 issue, fulfillment will be handled by Omeda.
    To ensure complete and accurate data transfer from our prior vendor to Omeda, we will not be updating any fulfillment data online until September 16th. However, the Omeda customer service team will be available to assist you beginning on September 7th.
    We are now in very good hands. We have a great customer service team and our customer service team lead is Jill Unger. Customer service hours are Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm CT. Our toll free customer service line will remain the same (800-253-0245). Our new local number is 847-559-7369. You can also contact the customer service team by email at
    While we will be forwarding all mail from our prior vendor, we want to provide the new postal address to you here. Please feel free to start using this address if you prefer communicating with us in writing.
    New Mailing Address:
    Sky & Telescope Magazine
    PO BOX 219
    Lincolnshire, IL, 60069-9806
    Online access to our subscription landing pages will be available by September 17th. We have taken full advantage of this transition to improve user experience of the subscription landing page and payment processing systems. We now expand our subscription payment options to include PayPal. 
    We have undertaken extensive steps to ensure there will be no interruption of service to our community. Any subscription that is due to expire with the December issue will be given a one-month complimentary extension. This extension should cover any payment delays due to mail forwarding or delivery issues. Additionally, we have made provisions to ensure that access to our subscription app will be available without interruption of service.
    Thanks for being a Sky & Telescope subscriber and we look forward to ongoing enhancements to our services and the magazine in the coming years.
    Daryl Dobbs

    here’s a link to their new partner;  Omeda | Discover The Power of Audience Relationship Management

    They seem quite successful judging by the numbers at the bottom of the page.

    Nick Quinn

    Daryl & Callum, thanks for your comments and suggestions.

    John Cook

    Hello Nick,

    I have just yesterday put my renewal for SKy & Telescope in the post as I usualy do, so I hope that it will get to the right address.


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