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    With thanks to a team of 138 observers we have not missed a single day of observation since March 2 last year. I hope that members can help maintain this unbroken record now that we have not one, but three, new Mars spacecraft at the Red Planet, with the latest arriving safely this evening. The Section blog contains the latest news and images and some useful links to the current space missions. A further report will appear in the Journal when there is some concrete news from the space missions. The planet has a tiny disk diameter of 6.9 arcseconds but even so its surface markings and clouds can be detected with moderate telescopes with a magnification of 300 or greater. Do please send your images to the Section and help to maintain our coverage!

    Richard McKim 


    In the light of recent Mars landings members may like to see a short National Geographic video that was uploaded last week. It mentions – in not very serious terms – the 1877 canal controversy, and I was able to supply the producers with a copy of N.E.Green’s map.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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