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    Graham Winstanley

    But not, apparently, with the British Astronomical Association!

    I was pleased to meet up with the crew on the BAA stand yesterday at the Practical Astronomy Show in Kettering and was handed a free RAS diary and have just been browsing through the contents. Under the subject heading above it lists 17 learned societies including the SPA and SHA but no mention for the BAA. Considering that we share offices at Burlington House and many BAA members are also fellows of the RAS I think that we should qualify as having links.

    I hope that our Council members will take note of this and take it up with the publishers of the RAS diary to ensure that it does not happen for the 2020 edition.

    Congratulations to the organisers of the PAS event for putting on a great day and absolutely free. I was not there to spend cash on expensive new gear but great to browse and meet old friends and make new acquaintances. An enjoyable day and look forward to next year, but much sooner the Deep Sky Section meeting and Winchester Weekend.

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